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​I'm a former Fortune 500 recruiter (Dow Jones & Bank of America) with nearly a decade of HR experience that has left corporate America behind to start my own business, The Career Glow Up. See, I got tired of being a recruiter and seeing people not advocating for what they were worth. Accepting offers that were tens of thousands of dollars below what they deserved. Not getting an in-person interview because their resume didn't present their strengths and career journey in a compelling and engaging manner. Not getting an offer because of a lack of confidence and presence during the in-person interview. Well, guess what? I'm here to fix all that. 

  • Glow Up Career Coaching
  • Resume Writing
  • Cover Letters
  • LinkedIn Optimization
  • Job Search Strategization
  • Networking Techniques
  • Interview Prep
  • Salary Negotiation 
  • Mindset, Alignment & Manifestation
My Story
Well, I started out as your typical burnt-out recruiter...

So, a little bit (or a lotta bit 😉) about me. I actually didn't start out as a recruiter at all - I started out in customer service. Which was about as fun as you would imagine... 

I was literally coming home crying every night...


It was a call center so I was essentially being screamed at and cursed at every. single. day. I knew I had to get out. But how? All I had done for the past six years was customer service, and contrary to what I had been told at Rutgers, nobody cared about my Psychology degree. I was applying to entry-level HR and recruiting jobs left and right and never receiving so much as a call back.

Something had to change...​

​I finally decided to invest in myself and obtain a professionally written resume, which set me back several hundred dollars that I definitely didn't have at the time. But you know what? That one-time investment changed my life. It led to a job in an HR call center, where I started to gain HR experience. This led me to recruitment, first at Bank of America, then at a medical services company, then finally at one of the most prestigious and well-known media companies in the world.

But instead of crying everyday, now I was just numb inside...


But why?​​ I had "made it", right? I mean, this was a Fortune 500 company that virtually everyone knew! I was instantly getting respect when I told people where I worked, connection requests on LinkedIn, the whole nine yards. 

But I was so unhappy...

Although I was a high overachiever, I was miserable because I was overlooked, underappreciated, severely underpaid, ignored and steamrolled in every meeting I had with a stakeholder. I wasn't the recruiter who had hired the most employees in a week ever, I wasn't the recruiter tasked with creating and organizing the company's first ever global career fair - I was "the black girl with glasses". 
And I hated it...

I hated that I never had a weekend to myself, that I instantaneously replied to every single IM I received, no matter how early or how late, no matter how inconsequential. Same with emails. I was obsessive. I had ideas stolen. Projects stolen. Literally, like straight up Google Slides stolen.

Finally, I just had enough...

One Friday, I got an email that was absolutely unacceptable in every way. Followed up by an [unrelated] equally insane IM. I was so humiliated and enraged and had even been told that I "didn't represent all that the company stands for".  Which is, you know, hot flaming garbage.

I immediately scheduled a meeting with my supervisor...

I resigned the very next day with no job lined up. The shock! The horror! The audacity to resign from the great and revered company I was at - without even having a job lined up? Oh, come on, Patricia. Nobody does that. You're going to Amazon, right? Disney? Facebook? Google? No? No?

Just what the heck are you doing? 


Despite the enormous pressure not to and the extreme level of uncertainty, I chucked the deuces up and walked out of the doors of the building for the last time.


But the stakes were high...

Was I going to fall flat on my face? Would I have a problem talking my resignation off on phone interviews? Mind you, I'm the master of talking things off. If recruiting teaches you nothing else, it teaches you how to finesse the hell out of each and every situation.


But this wasn't the first time I had left a job without having another one lined up - it was actually my third time doing so in four years.  


My fear was, has this finally caught up with me? Overworking myself to death at every job, exacerbating my anxiety disorder, nearly ending up in a hospital, resigning without a job lined up - wash, rinse, repeat. Am I finally up against it? Will my nice, neat, little explanations on every phone screen - Oh, right, that was a consultancy project. Exactly, I left once I had completed it. Oh, yeah, I was laid off, unfortunately. Oh, yeah, that was a contract position that ended after a few months - finally come back to bite me?


Simply put, the office environment was not for me. The politics, the forced small talk, the happy hours, the requisite rubbing of shoulders to get ahead, the kissing you-know-what, the being misunderstood as aloof or anti-social or a loser or all of the above greatly exacerbated my social and generalized anxiety.

Then something happened...

I started doing gig work and registered an account on Fiverr.com. They required a graphic for me to advertise my services. It took me a bit but I eventually came up with something at least somewhat catchy - "Are you ready for your glow up?"


And thus The Career Glow Up was born...


I permanently left corporate America behind and began my dream career as the owner of my own purpose-driven business.

Let's Glow Up!

I want to help you kick butt and take names!

I want to help you be confident in your interviews.

I want to help you   demand  what you deserve.

I want to help you see and know your true worth.

I want to help you discover what your passions are that can lead you to your dream job - then help you get there.

That's   the Career Glow Up.

Are you ready for yours?